You can save the Life

In India many villages facing de-hydration and mal- nutrition due to no proper food Because of poverty. This have been killing many thousands of people in each month ,
ASCOCM started the project to feed the people with minimum food, by this they can live .

It is called Hunger Project . supporting poor family monthly 25 kg of rice and 8 kg of Pulses with oil and milk powders for kids this will cost around Rs 1000 (25 US $)
(20 Euro) (15 British Pounds ) for helping each family you can be a partner of this work helping poor family in India who is suffering de-hydration and mal-nutrition facing death.

You can support one family or many families , The photo of the family whom you support will be sent to you and you can visit them and join in this Hunger Project .

Some of the Photos from our Hunger Project:


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