Many are unemployed this is a reason the porverty, This disaster attacks the many thousands of families, ASCOCM have taken this in consider to help the effected families through developing project so the families can meet the daily needs by themselves ,

How it works ?
1) ASCOCM support them the investment through purchsing Mobile wagan for doing their Business every where by selling fruits,vegitables,foods, and etc .

This is model of the Mobile Wagan

The Family is thankfull for this Help ,

2) ASCOCM support them the investment through purchasing Tailoring machine with training for Widows, Poor Womens , for doing their Business .

Here is the clear picture which shows the Tailoring machine is provided .


The poor women is happy with her machine provided by ASCOCM

Many thousands of family need your support to get revealed from the poverty .
You can be a part for the Mobile wagan or Tailoring mechine Developing Project ,

Cost of the Mobile Wagen

Rs 7500 USD $ 180 Euro 150

Cost of the Tailoring Machine :

Rs 5000 USD $ 120 Euro 100


God Bless you .

For More information and to help this project contact :

14/1 Police Manickam street ,
Ayanavaram , Chennai 600023
Email :


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